Transformationz, Inc.

"Dare To Believe!"

Transformationz, Inc. is a Michigan-based, non-profit organization formed for charitable and educational purposes to serve High Risk Teen girls. The main objective is  providing training, workshops and an annual platform to acknowledge the struggles and accomplishments of community youth via Transformationz, Incorporated’s annual “Diamonds In The Ruff” Conference. The conference honors youth who are at high risk but have made strides in education, community leadership and various areas of personal growth and development.

The annual “Diamonds In The Ruff” conference is geared towards developing self-esteem, addressing issues affecting young ladies in today’s society while providing a platform to display creative arts, academic excellence and individual self-expression. After five years of holding this annual event in the community and watching growth by the increasing number in attendance at this annual event each year, it was thereby decided by unanimous decision that Transformationz, Incorporated should be legally formed as a non-profit/501c3 organization in order to seek public and private funding to meet the increase numbers of youth seeking resources; to add and meet the increase numbers in attendance at its annual youth conference.